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At Livino Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching, our personal trainers strive to help our clients take care of their bodies and transform their lives in a significant, positive, and sustainable way. We only have one body, and it has to last a lifetime - so looking after your physical and mental health is critical to living a healthy and happy life - and that’s where we can help! 

Through our one-on-one, by-your-side approach, we custom tailor all of our programs to suit your goals, experience, and lifestyle. Whether you want to lose weight, increase your fitness, or discover a more positive mindset, Livino Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching is home to your every goal.

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Get On The Path to Lifelong Fitness and Health

Founded in 2009 by Emmaly Livino, an Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Therapist, and Personal Trainer, Livino Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching was created with the main aim of providing clients with the most proactive approach to health and longevity, and to help individuals transform into the best version of themselves. 

For 11 years, Emmaly and her team have provided customers with a wide range of fitness and mindset coaching services, including small group training, one-on-one personal training, BEMER therapy, and NLP coaching, to help them reach optimal well-being in every aspect of their lives.

Helping You Live Better, For Longer

The biggest gift you can give to yourself is your health - both mentally and physically - and it is our passion and desire to empower you to feel your very best. Our bespoke fitness and mindset coaching services are designed to help you live the healthiest and happiest life possible. 

Whether you opt for our one-on-one personal training services, small group training, or even our NLP sessions, we strive to: 

  • Deliver passionate, knowledgeable and empathetic coaching 
  • Inspire healthy change through sustainable and realistic programs 
  • Support, motivate and educate our clients so that they can feel incredible and reach all their goals. 
  • Help improve your mindset and create a positive environment for you to transform 
  • Provide you with the tools you need to turn your goals into reality in a healthy and balanced way. 

In your journey to self-transformation, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, which is why your plan is developed for you as an individual. When you work with us, you will transform your lifestyle, nutrition, and mindset, and become better educated along the way. Best of all, you’ll get the results that you deserve.

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If You Have a Goal, We Can Help You Reach It

We know something is motivating you to transform your body and your life, and we can’t wait to help you get there! Whether you want to shed some pounds, feel more comfortable and confident in your body, increase your energy levels, or take greater control over your life, we have the tools and expertise to help you achieve a total transformation. 

We offer both physical and mindset coaching services that will help you not only reach all your fitness and weight loss goals, but also create a more positive outlook for enhanced mental well-being. Just tell us what is motivating you, and we’ll turn that motivation into unparalleled results.

More Than Personal Trainers: We’ll Walk Side By Side With You On Your Transformation Journey

Imagine having a personal trainer who really takes the time to get to know you, your goals and challenges, and who becomes unconditional support to help you live life as your ideal self? That’s what you get when you work with our team of highly dedicated, experienced, and empathetic personal trainers. 

When you sign on with us, you will: 

  • Embark on a path to make a real, permanent, and positive change in your life 
  • Discover the root cause of your injuries, harmful thought patterns, and damaging lifestyle habits 
  • Enjoy sustainable and lifelong mind/body transformation results and live a more fulfilled life 

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We Have the Experience to Get You Where You Want to Go 

With 20 years of experience and a lifetime commitment to personal growth, our personal trainers are dedicated and committed to the path of self-improvement, and we can help you develop the right mindset to create positive change and growth in your life.

We Have Invested in Ourselves so We Can Invest in You 

Coaching is an extremely valuable service and when you work with someone who has valued coaching enough to invest in it themselves, you know you’re working with the right person! We have worked with our own coaches, have achieved our fitness goals and taken our bodies to a fitness competitive level, so we know what it takes to get results.

Our Expertise Speaks For Itself 

When you work with Emmaly, you will gain access to a plethora of different skills, expertise, and backgrounds that will all lead to improving your life for better longevity.

Some of her certifications include: 

  • Bachelor of Kinesiology (Major in Exercise and Health Physiology) 
  • CSEP exercise physiologist 
  • Neurofascial Reset Upper and Lower Body Certifications
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN certified health coach) 
  • CFR - Movement Specialist  
  • Anatomy Trains Myofascial Certified 
  • Canfitpro Trainer Certified 
  • TRX & Kettlebells 
  • Indo Row Certified 
  • Keller Method Myofascial Release Certification 
  • NLP Certified

With our expertise and knowledge, it doesn’t matter where you are on your fitness journey, or what your goals might be, we can provide you with all the tools and guidance necessary to reach your goal.

We Help You Make Positive Changes to Your Mind and Body

At Livino Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching, we truly believe that transforming your mindset is just as important as transforming your body, which is why we offer both individual/small group fitness training and mindset coaching.

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Our Services Include:

Individual Personal Training

Whether you want to learn the basics or be pushed to the extreme, our in-person and online personal training sessions can be adapted for clients of all abilities and with any goal in mind.

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Small-Group Training

Our small group personal training sessions can happen in person or online. With a combination of personal training and group instruction, these classes will ensure you reach your fitness goals faster and have fun while getting there!

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Nutrition Coaching

Whether your goal is weight loss or enhanced health, we create a fully customized meal plan for you, taking into consideration your schedule, food preferences, and lifestyle, to get you on the path to long-term healthy eating and living.

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NLP Coaching

Our highly trained neuro-linguistic programming coach can help turn any negative, limiting or unhelpful thoughts you may have into positive cognitions so the resolution of challenges and achievement of goals can happen quickly and easily.

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BEMER Therapy

We utilize the technology of BEMER therapy, a clinical device that improves blood circulation, enhances performance, improves metabolic waste removal in your system, increases your energy levels, and more, for a higher quality life.

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Become the best version of yourself

When you sign on with our personal trainers at Livino Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching, you are embarking on a path to make a permanent and positive change in your life. We work to discover your goals, the challenges that stand in your way, and the solutions to get you life-long results and transform your body and mind so you can live a more fulfilled life. 

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