1 on 1 Personal Training

1 on 1 Personal Training

At Livino Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching, our Calgary personal trainers are committed to providing our members with a tailored personal training service that is holistic, educational, and empowering. For those who are ready to embrace the opportunity to transform their bodies and health, we will embark together on a life-changing experience. 

Our in-person and online personal training services are designed to deliver exceptional results. Whether your goal is to lose fat, transform your body, or get fit and stay healthy, we create a fun, supportive, and inspiring environment to make your transformation journey as enjoyable and rewarding as possible!

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Unlock Your Fitness Potential

At Livino Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching, the mission of our personal trainers is to best help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you opt for in-person or online personal training, we’ll help you make the most efficient use of your workout time with our bespoke personal training service.

We Show You The Right Steps 

Personal training is a relationship where you (the client) embarks on a journey with the personal trainer towards building a stronger and healthier you. Once we understand your primary goals, background, and needs, we work to equip you with the necessary tools and information you need to achieve optimal fitness and health.

We Customize Your Personal Training Program to Ensure Long-Term Success 

Our personal training service is totally customized to what your lifestyle, goals, and needs are. To ensure you get the most efficient and effective exercises to yield fast and incredible results, we take into consideration: 

  • Any strain/injury/restriction you might have 
  • Your lifestyle, work schedule, and home life 
  • Specific challenges or obstacles you may be facing 
  • Your short term and long term goals 

At Livino Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching, our personal trainers aim to make your experience one that will have a profound impact on the rest of your life and we look forward to supporting you and seeing you achieve all your fitness and health goals.

Unrivalled Service, Results and Dedication

Your health and fitness is your journey, and our team of personal trainers would be honoured to be part of it. We aim to deliver excellent results accompanied by unrivalled service, which is backed by 20 years of experience in the industry. 

We are a highly knowledgeable and dedicated team and we have built our reputation on helping clients achieve long-term and incredible results. Whatever your needs, we come together to offer the most comprehensive and cutting-edge personal training experience imaginable.

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We Won’t Only Transform Your Body, We’ll Change Your Life

When you work with the personal trainers at Livino Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching, you are signing up for a fitness partner who is 100% on your side and wants you to succeed. Over the years, we have created the perfect environment for you to exceed your own fitness expectations. 

Some of the benefits you’ll receive when you work with our in-person or online personal trainers include: 

  • Goal setting. We’ll help you set achievable and ambitious goals, whether that’s fat loss, a body transformation, or a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle
  • Accountability and guidance. Our personal trainers will encourage, advise, and be with you every step of the way. Ensuring you have the right tools and assistance, your personal trainer will keep you on track to achieving your goals
  • Great results. We want you to be in the best shape of your life, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Together, we’ll design the right program for you over the right timescale

Achieving personal fitness goals is not easy, but with the right mindset, guidance, and program, it is totally possible to transform your body and your life.

Working With Our Calgary Personal Trainers: What to Expect

Whether you are a complete exercise novice or an avid gym-goer looking to take your fitness to the next level, our in-person and online personal training coaches will guide you every step of the way as you work towards your ultimate goal. 

Here’s what to expect when you work with us: 

  1. Getting to know you.
    During an initial consultation, we will discuss your fitness history, goals, specific concerns, likes and dislikes, and what challenges stand in your way. We’ll also discuss any injuries or restrictions you might have. 
  2. Posture and gait assessment.
    Once we agree to work together, the first session will be a posture and gait assessment. This will allow us to discover how you move naturally and what needs to be focused on, ensuring we start from a solid foundation and avoid any injuries. 
  3. Goal setting.
    We will develop a clear action plan and create achievable, yet ambitious, goals for you to work towards. Remember, if you don’t have a destination, then there is nowhere to go.
  4. Developing your customized personal training plan.
    We will then structure your training plan, anywhere from 1-3 sessions per week. This will vary depending on your availability, resources, and goals.

Your Personal Training Program Changes With You 

After the first 3 month period, we will reassess your goals and make adjustments where necessary to continue the momentum and help you achieve your long-term goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, we recommend 2-3 times a week in the beginning, when you are really looking to change your habits and behaviours, because accountability and structure is very important at this point. Some clients then move to once a week after they are more clear on what exercises they need to do, and how to do them safely. There are also some clients who keep a regular schedule because that is what gets them the best results.

Yes! We want you to be working out on the days in between your sessions, which is why we utilize a training app that provides you with online access to structured workouts. This means you’ll have the instruction and accountability to workout safely and efficiently on your own.

We offer both! For clients who are more comfortable training online, we offer personal training sessions over zoom. We also utilize outdoor space when the weather is compatible and indoor private gym space for clients who want and prefer to meet in person.

Become the best version of yourself

When you sign on with our personal trainers at Livino Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching, you are embarking on a path to make a permanent and positive change in your life. We work to discover your goals, the challenges that stand in your way, and the solutions to get you life-long results and transform your body and mind so you can live a more fulfilled life. 

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