NLP Coaching

NLP Coaching

Are you struggling to overcome barriers that are preventing you from improving your diet, lifestyle, and mindset? Our highly trained and experienced Calgary NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) providers can help shift your way of thinking and behaving, setting you on the path to achieving all your health and wellness goals. 

Whether you are in a rut when it comes to good eating, or you’ve remained inactive for years, it can be difficult to break the momentum and turn your lifestyle around. Our neuro-linguistic programming coaches can help identify and address any thought patterns that are preventing you from reaching your goals and lead you towards a happier and healthier life.

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Acquire a Mindset For Success

NLP coaching provides a variety of tools and techniques that can help you in the ‘inner game’ of fitness. Our NLP providers can help change your mindset faster and permanently, helping you achieve all your goals, be it weight loss or enhanced strength. 

When you work with our NLP providers, we can help you: 

  • Understand what is holding you back and remove those limiting beliefs
  • Set goals, increasing the likelihood of those goals being realized 
  • Develop motivation to stick to your healthy lifestyle habits and weight loss program 
  • Break old, damaging habits and set new, healthy ones 
  • Manage your emotional state and stay in the right frame of mind to achieve success
  • Eliminate any negative emotions that impede progress 

At Livino Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching, we truly believe that weight loss and fitness is more than simply physical activity. What will get you to the finish line is the way you think. Our NLP services are interactive, experiential, and flexible, allowing you to achieve the goals that are important to you. 

Online and In-Person NLP Coaching 

We are also offering NLP coaching services online. Depending on scheduling and location, most of our NLP sessions happen over zoom, where we can connect face to face without interruption, in a private space. These sessions can be intimate and vulnerable, so it’s best to be in a room by yourself, with nothing scheduled for immediately after the session. 

In-Depth Interactions That Will Transform The Way You Think 

During these sessions, you will have 100% of your coach’s attention, focus, and commitment, so it’s important for you to be just as focused and undistracted. Each session takes between 30-60 minutes and the number of sessions will vary, as it depends on what you want to work on specifically.

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NLP and Fitness Training: A Powerful Combination

NLP has been in existence since the 1970s, yet most personal trainers do not offer this as a service. In our pursuit of excellence, we have found NLP to be an extremely powerful tool, especially when you are embarking on a transformation journey, which is what personal training is all about. 

We have been through the process ourselves and know what it takes to achieve the right mindset for success, and have successfully used NLP techniques with our clients in the past, making us the right partners for facilitating positive change in your life. 

We Cater Your NLP Coaching to Suit Your Needs 

NLP coaching is often offered only by therapists and psychologists. Not only will this cost you more money, but it’s not necessarily catered to focus on your health and fitness goals. However, we can tailor your sessions to suit your specific needs and help you develop a lifestyle and mindset that will help you achieve all your desired goals.

Why Work With Our Calgary NLP Providers

At Livino Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching, our highly trained NLP trainers can show you how to apply various behaviour change techniques to your life, help identify any barriers to success, and connect you to strategies that will help you achieve and maintain excellent results. 

During our online NLP coaching classes, you will: 

  • Learn how to set goals in a way that motivates you to achieve them 
  • Develop the mindset for weight loss/fitness success
  • Identify and learn how to change limiting beliefs 
  • Learn how to cope with pressure and ‘negativity’ 
  • Discover your greatest barriers to change and identify ways to move beyond them 
  • Incorporate behaviour change solutions that can yield quicker, more effective results

Our NLP coaching services won’t only help you achieve your weight loss or fitness goals. You can also use what you learn during the sessions to achieve greater happiness and improvements in other areas of your life.

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NLP Coaching in Calgary: What to Expect

NLP coaching is a very thorough process that is designed to help you make the necessary changes that will transform you into the very best version of yourself. It typically happens in three phases, which are:

  • Identifying a behaviour or thought pattern you want to work on: This step requires some self-reflection and it’s important that you not go into an NLP session without having done some real internal work first. Remember, the more specific you are about your issue, and the more you connect it to a certain context, the more effective the coaching will be. 
  • Have a discussion with your NLP coach: The second step is to have a discussion with your coach. This process will help the subconscious mind uncover the real, underlying issue you are struggling with. This typically takes approximately 30 minutes and happens a couple of days before the last process. 
  • Reprogram your mind: The third phase is to identify what you want to change, prepare yourself to let it go, and work towards reprogramming your mind and creating a more desirable state or belief. 

It’s important to always keep in mind that your habits and patterns have developed over years, so you must be patient. It may take several hours to change an underlying habit or pattern, but that is a small price to pay for a lifetime of better results. Whatever your needs, our coaches will be there to support you all the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an effective, alternative therapy designed to teach individuals self-awareness, effective communication, and how to ‘reprogram’ certain harmful beliefs/thought processes to achieve a more desirable outcome.

There are two things that must be present for NLP to be effective: 1) you must truly desire to make a change in the specific area you are receiving coaching for and, 2) there must be trust between you and your NLP coach. As long as these two elements are present, then NLP sessions will work and change your life!

When you are on the path to growth and evolution, you will have to face all your fears and challenges and deal with them as they come - whatever it takes. One NLP session may not fix everything, but it will certainly keep you moving in the right direction. 

Become the best version of yourself

When you sign on with our personal trainers at Livino Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching, you are embarking on a path to make a permanent and positive change in your life. We work to discover your goals, the challenges that stand in your way, and the solutions to get you life-long results and transform your body and mind so you can live a more fulfilled life. 

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